Royalty Accident Protection Program


This Agreement enrolls you into the Royalty Accident  Deductible Protection Program which includes the following benefits:

1. There is no deductible coverage on this vehicle if the repairs are preformed  at any facility other than a King Collision Center. The program will cover (1) -  $500 deductible or (2) - $250.00 deductibles. The vehicle must be covered by  insurance at the time of the accident and have the entire repair performed at a  King Collision Center.
2. You need to provide a copy of the police report or incident report.
3. The vehicle must be covered by insurance at the time of the accident and have the entire repair performed at a King Collision Center.
4. Coverage is for as long as the above listed owner owns the vehicle. This  agreement is not transferable to another vehicle or to a subsequent owner of the  Vehicle.
5 There is no coverage on a vehicle that is a total loss.
6. This agreement does not cover any loss covered by another policy or  protection.
7. The program covers the insurance deductible only, not any discounts,  allowances, wear and tear, rentals, subsequent damages, unrelated damages or  costs that are not paid by the insurance company.
8. Must be an insurable accident claim with the balance of the claim paid by an  insurance company.
9. If this agreement is canceled by the owner within one (1) year of purchase, a  refund will be fifty percent (50%) of the amount paid unless a claim is paid.  After (1) year, there is no refund.
10. This agreement is nontransferable.
11. This agreement must be in effect at least (30) days prior to the date of loss  pursuant to this agreement.
12. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the  laws of the State of Ohio.

Owner's Responsibilities -- In the case of an accident:

1. If not drivable, tell the tow truck driver you want it towed to a King  Collision Center.
2. Call your insurance agent to report the accident and get the claim process  started.
3. Tell the insurance adjuster you are having the vehicle repaired at King  Collision.

I have read the terms of this Accident Deductible protection Program and agree  to the terms and conditions stated above.

Royalty Accident Protection Program

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